Services Price
Case, filters, fans £15
CPU heatsink and fan £20
Heatsink,fan and thermal paste £25
New thermal paste £10
GPU Heatsink and fan's £20
New thermal paste £10
Part system clean £35
Full system clean £40
Cable manage £10
Console clean £20
Software updates £15
Bios update £15
Software cleanup £15
Clean and fresh paste both CPU and GPU £30
Laptop clean up £25
Two laptop clean up £40
Custom Built PC £40 plus budget for pc

What I mean?


Part system clean:  I clean both the heatsink and fans on the CPU and the GPU, case fans, filters, case and interior.


Full System Clean and Thermal:  I clean and replace thermal paste on both the CPU and GPU, case fans, filters, case and interior.


Cable management: Tidying up the cables making them look neat and hidden.


Console:  I clean out the dust from the console to stop it from sounding like a jet engine everytime you play games


Software Services:

Update: software and driver update

System software updates allows for improvements to performance and security.

Driver updates allows for improvement to performance and better compatibility with software such as games


Bios Update: I update the Bios so your computer can run the latest hardware much smoother. (there is risk during a power cut this will break your motherboard but I have never had a issue with updating the Bios)


Software Cleanup:  I will remove unwanted junk files, defragging/optimizing disk drives.


Hardware upgrade: Prices will vary and the process will take longer than the other services we provide.


Custom built PC: I will build a Custom pc based on your budget and what you desire to use it for.  I will pick parts and email or message you with the listing.  There will also be a list on cases you can pick from that are within the budget.